I decided to go for a more modern look and still keep things quiet. I cut the can between the crossover and muffler in the middle of straight part. The extension is about 8.5" of 1.75" muffler pipe flared to 1.75 ID and one end welded to collector, the other is flared to 1.70" (diameter of exhaust pipe )and clamped (not yet in picture). The 1.75 ID inlet will let you tip the pipe in and line things up. There is a tab welded to the bun gee bar at back to bolt muffler mounting bracket (I used .125 x 1" flat steel). I fitted the pipe first then the mounting tab before I welded the pipe to the collector, seemed to help get the final alignment of the pipes easier. Only thing left is to mount a heat shield for my heal and paint. If a person was confident they liked this removing the passenger pegs would make things look cleaner. Total cost was 14.00 for 2 pieces of pipe that where swaged and a couple hours playing with the mig welder. Cheap alternative when noise and the budget are concerned, more money for the upcoming F2 wheel conversion!

Dave Gowland
Lynden Ontario Canada

1986 VFR 750