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These free classifieds cover the 1986-1989 VFR only!!!

CBR F2 Rotors

These rotors last a lot longer than the thin stock VFR rotors. They are a bolt-on replacement and are in good condition. $40 each.


Posted 3/8/01

87 VFR Plastic 

2 each side panels; each has one broken tab; Blue and silver. Average condiction. Used on my VFR with no problems. $50 for both plus shipping from NC

Posted 3/4/01

Parting out an '86 VFR700F

Frame with clean title (bent but repairable) $150
Subframe $85
Swingarm (good condition but not museum clean--sorry Andrew W) $75
Rear brake arm $25
Rear brake torque arm $25
VFR700F2 guages $75
Stock rear wheel w/cush/rotor (minor ding) $50
Stock front rotors $25 ea
700F Motor, 22k miles, runs strong, minor oil leak. $150
Stock rear brake system $50
Stock CA carbs $75
Upper fairing stay (bent and straightened a few times, but acceptably straight now) $40
Ignition Coils $20 ea
Starter relay/Main fuse $10
'86 700F2 Wiring harness $50
'86 700F2 Fuse box $25
Engine covers (all scratched in some way, but not too ugly) $20 ea
Stock stator $90
More stuff I'm forgetting

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Posted 2/24/01

Custom Subframe! See Photo...

This aluminum square tube subframe weighs next to nothing! It is setup fo a solo rider, and would be perfect for a solo tail section. It has enough strength for mounting components, battery etc... and is ready for your VFR diet project! $100 takes it.

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Posted 2/24/01